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How can help with your data needs?


Whether it is managing teams or data, can help you develop successful information technology solutions.


Data models are represented in many different technologies, most traditionally the database. In addition to this method, newer solutions such as Xml Schema, UML, and RDF provide ways to create a usable data model and benefit from object oriented design. If your data model is a database, an Xml Schema, a UML diagram, or an RDF instance, can assist you in making that data model work for your organization.


A standard data model across the enterprise, a canonical model, enables an organization to leverage common data structures throughout its services. can help you develop a canonical data model that works for your organization.


Whether creating a translation layer for your application or making a single legacy data conversion, can help you get the data into the form that meets your needs.

Share helps you share and integrate data with your trading partners including both internal application to application connections (A2A) or an external business to business integrations (B2B), can give you the tools to share information.


Data arriving from a business partner needs to be mapped to your internal storage. can map standard data structures such as HR-XML, OAGIS, or some customized source into your business infrastructure.


Leveraging existing standard data models gives you a head start on developing your own optimized model. has detailed expertise with standard data models such as HR-XML, OAGIS, ACORD, EAD, and others. No matter what standard you may want to leverage, can help you make it work in your organization.


Make sure your solutions conform to industry best practices with a review from Design your applications with the confidence in interoperability that best practices can give you.