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  Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The reality of outsourcing has really hit home.  Some first generation of outsourcing has been an expensive learning curve.  Forrester - about year ago - claimed profitability in HR outsourcing was elusive.  Now over at Spending Matters, they ask if the outsourcing rate is beginning to slow now that the reality is clearer. 

In terms of data integration, outsourcing presents the challenge of connected more and more companies together.  The need for open standards such as OAGIS and HR-XML increases as more data is flowing between more endpoints.  If outsourcing is going to continue, we need to get better at data integration so the costs of connection does not become a drag on the bottom line.

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Came across this funny video of "Greg the Architect".  It's from the folks at Tibco and illustrates the perspective of a software architect.

This episode: "SOA this.  SOA that."

Greg the Architect

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